New Pilot Training

If you are new to the hobby, we invite you to particpate in our new pilot training program using the buddy box system. Our seasoned club members will help you get started, provide guidance as you learn, and share many tips along the way.

Earn Your Wings

To help ensure the safety of our members and our aircraft, we require all new members of the club to earn their wings. Beginner pilots must perform a successful solo flight in the presence of an approved instructor, including the successful completion of:


  • Three proficient and safe take-offs/landings

  • One inside loop

  • One figure eight flight pattern

  • One dead-stick landing


When the beginner pilot has successfully completed the solo-flight process, they will be approved as a flying member and awarded their wings at the next regular club meeting.

Buddy Box Training System

The buddy box training system is where an approved instructor connects the training radio transmitter to the student's radio transmitter for training purposes.


The instructor then has the ability to take control of the student's aircraft in situations where it is necessary to reduce the risk of crashing.


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