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The Bits and Pieces RC Club of Adrian, Michigan welcomes pilots of all ages. Membership is open to anyone interested in the hobby. Our members range from teens to those enjoying the golden years. Yet all are dedicated to the building and flying of model aircraft. Spectator are always. welcome. 

Club meetings take place the first Sunday of every month at 2:00 pm. Check the Event Calendar for other events like fly-ins, picnics and swap meets.

  • Annual club dues are $50

  • Proof of AMA membership is required.

  • Youth ages under 16 can join the club for free but must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.


Becoming a member is easy, just follow the steps below.

Join the AMA – The Bit and Pieces RC Club, as well as most model aviation clubs, require all members maintain a membership with the Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA). By joining the AMA you will become one of the thousands of registered RC pilots in the country, and will have the insurance coverage necessary to fly at any AMA sanctioned field, including the Bits and Pieces RC Club Field in Heritage Park, Adrian. Membership also provides the individual with a subscription to Model Aviation Magazine.

Join Bits and Pieces - After you've joined the AMA, you can become a member of the Bits and Pieces RC Club by completing the Bits and Pieces RC Club membership application and submitting the registration fee by mail, or in person to a club officer  at one of our monthly club meetings. Prospective members can submit their membership form and dues in a few ways. A membership with club dues can also be submitted to one of the club officers at the club field. They can also send their membership information to our Treasurer.  Include proof of AMA membership, a self-addressed and stamped envelope, dues, and membership form in a letter to the address indicated on the member information form. Alternatively a prospective member may be able to fill out the membership form online and submit payment via PayPal.Members are expected to know and follow the RC model rules and guidelines defined by the Club, AMA, and the FAA. These rules are available online and are posted at the airfield.  A visit to the flying field or membership meeting is also suggested.

Earn your Wings - Once you have all the necessary memberships, you can attend student nights and earn your wings.  After that, you can come out to the field whenever you feel the need to fly.

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